Tom Cruise’s rant was everything we all feel right now. Tom Cruise lost his shit on the crew members during the filming of a new movie in the Mission Impossible franchise. According to The Sun tabloid , a couple crew members were standing too close to each other. Cruise released the Kracken and let the two crew have a tongue lashing for not following COVID social distancing rules.

Cruise’s outburst is indicative of what all of feel right about now! Raging rage!! I wish I could boldly drop a few F-bombs and threaten to fire everyone within earshot every time I encounter someone who flouts the rules set up to protect all of us.

In his rant, he reminded the crew of the impact COVID has had on Hollywood, an how the powers that be are watching and waiting for them to break the rules and shut them down. All it will take is one selfish, careless numb skull to bring the plague to the set and shut it down. That would mean millions of dollars lost and jobs disappeared. I get why Cruise is pissed. What he said was spot on, and I’m happy someone finally got to use a fire thrower on idiots for all of us!

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