This is a great question, Linda. My favorite of the stories I've written on Medium is the one I entered into the MWC. It didn't get much attention, but I really put my heart into it.

The story I've made the most money on (and has gotten the most reads) was published in Better Humans when I first joined Medium 18 months ago. I accepted $500 from the pub, which means I don't get paid per read on this one. Nothing I've written before or since has gotten close to that much attention, and I've never made more than $15 a month total since I joined. I read others' results monthly payouts and don't get it. I am beginning to realize that maybe I'm not meant to be a writer after all. Here's the link

My List "Good Reads I Recommend" contains my favorites by other Medium writers:

Of the ones listed, my top choice is "Why Trauma is the Word of the Year" by Carvell Wallace. It's from 2019. I just recently discovered it.

So many amazing writers get lost in the noise that shows up on the front page every day. So many.

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