Like Alicia Keys, I’m starting to believe self care is really Soul Care in a different dress.
You’ve been gifted one beautiful body in this life, and that’s where your Soul resides. I have written about it before here and here. I believe self care doesn’t have to be about over the top luxury and indulgence (no judgement from me if that’s your self-care jam. Be you, boo!) Self care is about acknowledging your needs and honoring your body, mind, and spirit. It’s about clearing out and cleaning up where your body resides in this world, and the energy in that space that surrounds you. It’s about listening to the whisper of your authentic self and making the source of that whisper a priority. It’s about speaking your truth and not hiding your light because it makes other people feel bad. Make a promise to you to take better care of your self next year. Shine, girl. Shine.

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