I see your point. I think my opinion stems from my belief that writing is for readers, and therefore, supposed to be easy for the reader to comprehend. As long as you can ensure ease of reading and comprehension for your readers, I see nothing wrong with inserting elements of personal style. I agree there should be no template for sentence construction (as long as proper usage and grammar are adhered to).

I admit I come from a time when getting published was more difficult. Gatekeepers at traditional publications kept a lot of untraditional voices and perspectives from getting exposure. That's no good; times needed to change, and I like that the internet as transformed the industry. It good to see and appreciate differences in style and point of view.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for your respectful and thorough response to my comment.

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I write about travel, self-development, women’s issues, passion, & purpose. | Writer. Editor. Proofreader. | gladdoggett.com

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