Craftivism was featured on the news last night

I wrote about it last year


Photo by Diana Schröder-Bode on Unsplash

I was delighted to see CBS Evening News ran a story last night on a group of volunteers who used their sewing machines to make masks for frontline workers.

According to Wikipedia, craftivism is a form of activism, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalism, environmentalism, solidarity, or third-wave feminism, that is centered on practices of craft — or what can traditionally be referred to as “domestic arts.”.Craftivism includes, but is not limited to, various forms of needlework including yarn-bombing or cross-stitch. Craftivism is a social process of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation. In craftivism, engaging in the social and critical discourse around the work is central to its production and dissemination. Practitioners are known as craftivists.

I wrote a piece last year (see below) about how introverts can be activists on their own terms.

I featured craftivism as a quieter, calmer alternative than marching and getting loud. It’s nice to see this getting national media attention.



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