#MCW Space

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I turned to look back into the empty space one last time just before I closed the door for good. My father was gone and his house was vacant.

The house was the one he had bought for his retirement after working for more than 20 years for…

I was 16. It was terrible. My mother was a hair stylist and we started highlighting my hair. Then, when bold red came into vogue, I leapt. I was naturally a reddish-brown color, so I decided to kick it up a notch and go really red. I was a redhead until about 8 years ago, when I decided it was too much trouble keep up with. My natural color now is silver with white in the front. I wear it long and I don't care. Crones are ready to take a stand and fix this world. Count me in!

Mom Is Moving In

Facing taboo topics for women of a certain age

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Women need to talk more about what happens in our lives after age 50. Not only do we continue wrestling with the struggles from our youth, but we also have new challenges hoisted upon us.

One such challenge landed in my lap today: My mother needs to move into my…

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Is Medium toying with your emotions, too?

This is a great question, Linda. My favorite of the stories I've written on Medium is the one I entered into the MWC. It didn't get much attention, but I really put my heart into it. https://gladdoggett.medium.com/the-space-between-my-father-and-me-41a33c72c7e7

The story I've made the most money on (and has gotten the most…

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Being drink is the only explanation that makes sense. I’m trying to understand why Medium keeps showing me stories from as far back as May, June, and July when it’s now mid-October?

Why can’t the algorithm figure out the current date and show me stories by new writers? I’m sure…


No more navel-gazing in 2022, it’s time we fix the mess we’re in

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It’s mid-October. This is the time of year I typically start my end-of-year ritual of taking stock of what I accomplished over the past 10+ months, and begin formulating new goals for the coming year.

The word “goals” is not actually an accurate word to use for what I aim…

Let’s do a mini writing workshop in the comments and help each other out

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I am a slow writer, and on Medium that’s not a good thing. I think I’m slow because quality matters more to me than quantity. I can’t stop the voices of past writing teachers, mentors, and peers from looking over my shoulder “tsk tsk tsking” whenever I write something that…

Glad Doggett

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