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7 tips to clean up your dirty first draft before you publish

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

There’s a coffee mug I bought last year inscribed with the words, “Write drunk; Edit sober.”

And that pretty much sums up the best advice out there when it comes to getting your pieces ready for publication. The quote “Write dunk; Edit sober,” is often attributed to Hemingway, but regardless of who actually said it first, the point is valid.

When you write a post for publication, your job is to forget every piece of advice you’ve ever learned about writing. That includes the grammar rules you memorized…


Tell us your travel stories of #naturalwonders

Credit: Glad Doggett in Canva

Being in nature and experiencing one of its wonders firsthand is part of what makes adventure travel so addicting. Something transformative happens when travelers let go and lose themselves in nature.

No other experience can match the power of standing close enough to a waterfall and feeling its wispy mist fall around you; or looking out toward the horizon at the vastness and magnitude of The Grand Canyon; or climbing Sedona’s Bell Rock and sitting cross-legged on it’s red, rugged shoulders.

Experiencing natural wonders is what makes travel so compelling and magical.

What are your favorite #naturalwonders?

For our next writing prompt, we’re looking for…

Oh, my. I'm in the midst of trying to learn Korean. I will be in this country for at least 2 years ... it seems that I'll finally get the basics and I'll be leaving. Ugh! I can say, "hello", "thank you", "please", "one" and "over there." haha!

I love Sedona and the surrounding area. It's my happy place. My husband and I hiked to try to find the "vortexes" everyone talks about. We sat on the red rocks, took in the views, and felt completely at peace. Thanks for sharing about the Wupatki Monument. I'll definitely look for it if I ever go back.

Expat life in South Korea

Exploring Yongsan and Itaewon

On the street in Yongsan. Photo by Glad Doggett

I couldn’t resist Seoul’s Sirens’ song, so my husband and I decided to make another one-day trip. That makes 3 trips to Seoul for us so far. And we’re not done yet! We still have at least one more overnight trip in our sights, as we’ve yet to conquer the Gangnam district (You probably remember the pop song that was all the rage in song titled “Gangnam Style.” Yep, it’s the same one he sang about).

On our most recent trip to Yongsan and Itaewon, we managed to take a train, the subway, and a two taxis all in one…

Some of the best travel stories are the ones where your best laid plans unraveled and you had to fly by the seat of your pants.

Do you have a travel story of a travel mishap that transformed into a memorable adventure? We want to hear about it! Send World Traveler's Blog your story and include #unplannedadventures at the bottom.

South Korea: Seoul

Impressions and insights in my new favorite city

Photo by Glad Doggett

South Korea is a country with the nickname “The land of the morning calm.” But if you stand on any street corner in Seoul you will quickly realize the person who coined this moniker had obviously never visited the city. It’s anything but calm.

If New York City and Honolulu were to have a baby, its name would be Seoul.

What an amazing trip! If you really want to know who you are and what triggers and limits keep you stuck, travel. It reveals all the muck (and the fertilizer) that people need to grow.

Glad Doggett

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