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Maybe it’s finally time you say goodbye for good, too

Photo by Gokil on Unsplash

No matter what I said or did, he always had a hurtful, demeaning retort to throw at me. Each word was like a little dagger. Heartbreak by 1,000 little cuts. Nothing I did was good enough, regardless of how perfect I tried to be.

The weird thing is, the relationship didn’t start out so toxic. He was Prince Charming at first. Agreeable, accommodating, kind. But as time wore on and he became more comfortable and confident, his behavior turned dark. It didn’t take long for me to start hating myself as much as I believed he hated me.

I’m so…

I rediscovered my city as a #hometowntourist

Louisville Skyline. Photo credit: Kelly Davenport, Instagram @kellydavenportphotography

You want to know what’s exciting about Louisville, Kentucky — my hometown? Well, in a word, everything. But, then again, I might be a little biased.

From the exciting Kentucky Derby Festival to the Urban Bourbon Trail, to our great Olmstead parks, and our world renowned horse race, the Kentucky Derby, Louisville offers a cornucopia of opportunities for travelers.

An overlooked attraction that I love to boast about is our city’s museums. I love touring museums when I visit new cities. For me, strolling through a museum is a quick, easy way to boost my knowledge of the new locale…

Clear your energy, clean up clutter, and open up space in your life

Photo by Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash

When your to-do list is long, and your days are busy, the thought of having a self-care day may feel impractical and indulgent.

But the truth is, self-care is neither of those things. We all need a little TLC to blunt the edges of life.

Self-care is more than care-free days at the spa, getting facials and manicured toes. At its core, self-care is mindfully carving out time to focus on yourself in a way that ensures you are being cared for by you. It’s an important habit all of us should embrace.

Self-care doesn’t have to be a fancy…

There's a saying that I think aptly applies to your story: "You can't go home again."

I think the reason is because when we leave the familiar, we are faced with challenges, adventures, and new experiences that change us. The lens we see the world through shifts, and suddenly we see the world differently. This is why travel is so valuable to me. Yet, there's always a tradeoff: To open ourselves to a broader world view means losing the comfy "normal" we used to take for granted. Thanks for sharing. Great piece!

Thank you for this well written, researched piece. I was reluctant to read it, to be honest, because the topic is so disturbing. You bring up many important points that all of us should think about. These girls are victims and need to be treated as such, rather than blamed and shamed. I personally think Ghislaine Maxwell should be punished for her role in exploiting under age girls, make an example of her. She could have helped them; she chose to hurt them. And every single man who perpetrated the abuse should be exposed and held accountable.

Taking risks is part of the adventure

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There’s an adage that says: “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.”

These are words to live by.

Is it more fun to spend years yearning for a lofty dream, or to actually go out into the real world and live the dream?

I’m about to find out.

I’m two weeks away from getting on a plane and moving to South Korea for the next two and a half years.

“Do you want to move to South Korea?”

How did I get here? Here’s the back story: About two months ago, my husband received word that he had gotten a promotion at work…

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